Since 1962 COET designs and manufactures

electromechanical apparatus for medium

and low voltage industrial applications

Coet boasts a almost 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing switching devices for AC /DC Industrial Applications always positively interpreting its Customers requirements and supplying solutions that have often represented the “state of the art” and are internationally patented.

Particularly in the field of “high currents” Coet is renowned as internationally leader offering a wide range of switching apparatus extremely versatile in the configuration, in the control system and in the choice of accessories .

Every product is conceived and continually updated for granting always its complete compliance with the latest International Standards ; the Quality Control System ( ISO 9001, Vision 2000 and ISO 14001) guarantees consistency in the production, total reliability, respect of rated operational performance and maximum care of Customer Satisfaction.

Design – totally autonomous – makes use of the latest mechanical and electrical CAD and of advanced systems for modeling and analyzing the operational conditions of the products.

Besides the normal routine tests and the in-line checks, Coet takes advantage of its modern and efficient Testing Laboratory that allows to carry out Operational and Endurance Tests, Temperature Rise Tests (up to 10,000A), Industrial Frequency Insulation Tests (up to 90kV) and Dielectric Impulse Tests (up to 400kV); available measuring and recording instruments – calibrated and certified – allow Coet to carry out reliable and completely documented Type Tests.

  • Low Voltage Load Break Switches up to 1000V, 3000A AC-DC
  • Fuse Switches up to 2400A
  • Change-Over Switches 1-2-3-4 poles up to 3000A, arrangement Vertical,¬†Horizontal, One on top the Other.
  • Special DC Switches up to 1000V – 1250A Cat. DC22
  • Rotary Load Break Switches 24kV, 400-600 A
  • Rotary Isolators 3.6 – 7.2 – 12 – 24 – 36 kV
  • Earthing Switches single/multi pole up to 63 kA for 1 sec.
  • Control and actuation mechanisms manual, motor driven, pneumatic