COET’s first feeder panel has been in operation for more than 25 years with full customer satisfaction.
Recently COET completely renewed its line of DC feeder panels for 750V, 1500V and 3000V applications introducing new concepts allowing to comply with the latest requirements of the International Standards for traction substations. In particular the new design, although very compact (500mm width for 750V and 1,5kV and 800mm for 3kV) offers:

  • 4 compartments, segregated in metal clad version, for: Low Voltage equipments, HSCB, Ominibus bar and cables exit.
  • HSCB and Test Equipments placed on withdrawable truck (optionally motor driven) for easy maintenance with 3 positions (Service, disconnected/Test and removed).
  • Multifunction Protective relay and PLC.
  • Earthing switch.
  • Interlocking system customisable on request.
  • Optional by-pass bus bar compartment with Disconnector.

Both Metal clad and Metal-enclosed executions are available.


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