The Outdoor switch disconnector (SEC) is an Electro-mechanical device capable of making, carrying and breaking current in normal and overload conditions. It is suitable to work up to 3KV Tramway and Railways Overhead contact lines.

A DC Load Break Switch is normally used as Main and/or Bypass on-load Isolator in DC Power Supply systems for:

  • Isolating a line for safety or maintenance purpose (in a railways SSE one DC Switch Disconnector for each HSCB Feeder is normally used).
  • Connecting two adjacent sections of the same line.
  • Switching a line from one feeder to the other in case of failure of one of them.

To comply with the most sever safety standard our switch disconnectors are equipped with a safe signalisation contact directly connected to the main blades and with an emergency manual operation device with all accessorial key or coil locks.

ON-LOAD operation guarantees a very high level of service continuity as requested by the modern substations designs.

SEC Outdoor switch disconnector can be customised with:

  • Auxiliary output contacts NO, NC and C/O.
  • Shunt trip coil.
  • Under voltage release coil.
  • Motor control device in upper or lower control box.


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