Equipped with motorized disconnectors or Load Break Switches, the track-side and depot disconnecting units allow to isolate portion of the track system or, in case of cross-over track application, to get very fast reconfiguration guaranteeing the continuity of the power supply and of the service.
They are available in different executions for: Indoor, Outdoor, Pole mounting and are suitable for tram, metro, trolley bus and railway applications.
The compact size makes this product suitable to be installed also beside tram lines in the town or in tunnel alcoves.
A series of optional features are available to make this product very versatile:

  • Automatic earthing of the line.
  • Voltage Presence Relays.
  • Motor Control with Manual Emergency Operation.
  • Two poles version for positive and negative isolation.
  • Remote Control through PLC, Modem (GSM-Radio) and battery with self powered recharge (on request).
  • Self powered version (on request).


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