In DC Traction Substations one disconnector or load Break switch is normally installed downstream each High Speed Circuit Breaker thus allowing, in case of failure, to isolate the circuit breaker granting the safety of the system. Moreover the layout is completed by a by-pass or parallel disconnector or Load Break switch connecting two feeders and allowing to grant the service continuity in case of failure of one circuit breaker thus increasing the safety of the full system and introducing a further isolating step. This disconnector is normally motorised for remote control (opening and closing).
To comply with these requirements COET developed a modular line of Disconnecting panels which offers a very versatile and cost efficient solution for different requirements.
Main features of our solution are:

  • Segregated compartment for each Disconnector and/or Load Break Switch and for each cable entry/exit.
  • Withdrawable execution on request.
  • Segregated Low voltage compartment including protective relay and PLC for SCADA connection in cable or fiber optic.
  • Motor or manual operated Switches with manual emergency operation.
  • Main contact position visibility.
  • Voltage presence relays and surge arrestors.


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