A complete line of disconnectors for 750V, 1500V and 3000V DC applications is available for a wide range of currents starting from 1000A up to 6000A. Both one or two-pole versions, with automatic earthing at disconnector opening with simultaneous or interlocked control, are available. Typical applications in DC Traction Power Supply Systems, are the two-pole disconnectors used at depot exit and the two-pole disconnector used to isolate the rectifier: this disconnector is placed in the Rectifier cubicle offered by COET.
The high value of short-time withstand current (50kA-70kA-100kA) makes the SFI suitable to the most severe duty.
A large number of configurations and options is available to customise the product according to the different requirements, in particular:

  • Change-over between two or more lines.
  • Motorised or Pneumatic control mechanism with manual emergency operation.
  • Key and electromechanical interlocks.
  • Earthing blades interlocked or simultaneous.
  • Auxiliary contacts.
  • Shaft extensions and transmission bevel gear.


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